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Interior arches

Photo of Arches

Interior arches in photos

Photo of Stairs

arched stairs


Interior arch with carvings


Decorative arches, and other wooden constructions


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Interior arches from the manufacturer:

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  • All the arches are very different!
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 wide arch Romancearches with shelves for kitchenarches for balkonycarved archwooden ladderwooden carved ladder arch carvingcarved coffered ceilingsHome decorbilliard tables

Interior arches in apartment


interiors with interior arches and stairways, copyrights and individual projects. We accept orders not only from designers and construction crews, but also from all who makes repairs in their homes and wants to make it unique, to realize his idea to decorate your home interior imaginations. Call!

Arch for interior doorways

arch interior

These arches are called "Interior" a review all designs - here (with photo examples).

Arch doors for the balcony


Combining balcony with room for creating comfort you will be helped our arch balcony with a table.

Door arch

arch in the hallway

To hallway became free, light and comfortable install the arch here !

arch - Classification in pictures


Interior arch (photo review with description).

arch design

Design of arches can be very diverse from decoration and carving up shelves and stained glass.

Interior decorative arches

false arch

usually decorative arches called not stnadartnyh designs arch on individual projects

Interior carved arches

carved arch

Interior openings can be decorated with the arches with wood carving in modern styles.

Interior arches with shelves

arch with shelves

Design of arches that, as well as the development of comfortable arched structure (see example)

Interior arches with stained glass

arch with stained glass

example arch with stained glass for the solution of several problems in one time.

The standard arches

The standard arches forms are easily produced.

Overview of the standard arches

Wooden arches

Wooden arch standard types with descriptions and pictures.

Interior arches: Classic

Arch Classic

example arch Classic for the kitchen.

Interior arches: Romance

arch Romance

example arch Romance for the balcony.

Interior arches: Modern

Modern Arch

example Modern arch in the hallway.

Material and the finishing of arches


arches of the drywall finishing needusually, this role is carried out the arch made ​​of wood or MDF covered by high quality resistant lacquer ...

interior arches of MDF

MDF for arch

To produce standard economy arches used MDF veneered by the oak veneer , that gives beauty, quality and durability.



lot of interroom wooden arches it is presented in our photo gallery.

Painting of interior of arches


Using quality varnish with color matching - a pledge of longevity and beauty of all our products.

installation of interior arches

setting of arches

important not only to produce but also install arch into the interior doorway .

Custom-made furniture

If it is difficult to find the right size, shape and style of the furniture, then the custom-made furniture for individual projects is what you need!

carved furniture

carved furniture

you can order the curved furniture in style of your interior.

Built-in furniture

built-in furniture

Such designs built-in interior decoration and repeat his style, or bring your own.

staircases made of wood

If you are building or renovating your house and you need to make or restore the stairs - please contact!

completely wooden staircase

wooden ladder

We can make wooden staircase (good example) for different purposes and tasks.

stairs for the House and Cottages

staircase in the house

Having built good house, then think of the quality wooden stairs for a reliable and comfortable life.


Did you know

Did you know that there are over 30 kinds of the game on a pool table ...

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Billiards - not just a fun and game ...

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From interior arches and doors to wooden stairways and pool tables

Making interior arches in an apartment

Tips of the repair. Sometimes, to make the interior highlights, there are missing one important detail. Properly designed to interior doorway and arch in apartment can successfully express your artistic taste ...

Our wood-arch - it is not just 30kg quality wood! And so it is - your own style, design, quality painting, wood carving, stained glass, but the main thing ...

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Interior decorative arches

Interior decorative arches with stained glass give wide possibilities to realize your dreams.

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your own style, it is - your own comfort! What could be more beautiful than wood carving in the home interior? For example at the the arch ... "

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Internal Economy arch

you look for the cheap arch or expensive ones? Style and quality at reasonable prices? ...

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interior made of wood arch

Internal arch: design. In general, the design of standard an interroom arches is not very complicated. So why do we recommend you to use our consultant gager? ...

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Recipe for a happy life!

you ever thought: " How far you go with your friends around the pool table in the game?"

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made of wood staircases

Stairs made of wood can also be made with the carving elements of different style and different levels of complexity ...

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Cheap interior MDF- arches veneer (veneered) and wood


manufacture allows to produce the cheap interior arches economy with excellent quality: with wood , interior arches MDF and interior MDF- veneer (interior veneered arch).

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Internal arch from "Craft-Center"

"Craft-Center" - is the quality and comfort for a reasonable price: wooden arches in the apartment, billiards at the cottage, and wooden stairs . We can decorate it with carvings for your choice!

interior arch in pictures (photo gallery)

All pictures of interior arches with wood carving and for every taste!

Here you can buy all from the first hand, and the wooden interior arches can be ordered at the beginning of apartment repairs, and at the first, the arch be delivered in yours apartment, and it may be installed in any day.

On this site you can find a detailed description of our products are made ​​of wood. It's needed for the design of the interior and repairing of the apartment.
This example: arch interior, transom, pool, steirs made ​​of wood, screens, doors, ceilings, wood carving, stained glass windows, niches, with carvings and without it.

The individual approach, neat and professional installation is what our clients are appreciated when they bought ours arches!

We have the years of successfully cooperated with designers, repair and construction teams, those who independently decided to upgrade its interior, make the unusual "own" style, restored woodwork, furniture, stairs and arches wooden. Thanks to interior arches can simultaneously separate rooms for different purposes, and at the same time, it increase the "total perceived space" in each room. Do not forget, the interior arches themselves may be different decorated with from carving and painting. This allows you to install the arches any premises and with any style.

more: directory, videos, examples ...

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